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Student Services

A variety of services ensure all students receive individualized instruction and support.

GLSD Student Services is responsible for providing support services to students and their families.  The following programs are included in student services:

Special education

Nursing & health services

School counseling

School psychology

Speech/language services

Gifted education

School social work and attendance

Response to Intervention

Fine arts

Additional information about Goshen's student body:

Average Daily Enrollment: 2905

 Economically Disadvantaged: 51.0%

Students identified as gifted: 22.2%

Students identified as ESL: < 1%

 Students with disabilities: 16.0 %

 ESL students receiving services: 100%

Special ed students receiving services: 100%





272 open enrollment students choose Goshen Local Schools for the quality of our academic and extracurricular offerings.

Two resource officers are on duty and on campus during school hours.
Building counselors, Behavior/Mental Health Specialist and Child Focus mental health professionals assist students and staff with mental health issues.
PBIS, Character Education and Olweus anti-bullying programs are implemented yearly.
Goshen's new Ascend Academy ensures that students with additional needs and different learning styles have an alternative path to school and career success.
GHS Changepoint program emphasizes positive interactions and healthy relationships for high school students.
Signs of Suicide Program is used as a screening tool for at-risk high school students.
Goshen Middle School offers Redo Day as part their effort to provide a healthy environment and a bully free school.