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Digital Learning

Technology is an essential tool to enhance teaching and learning, and to give students a competitive edge in the global market

GLSD ensures technology access for all students through expanded laptop offerings, outdoor campus wifi, and hotspots for families without internet access

Equitable access to computers and internet connectivity is critical to making sure every Goshen student is getting the best education possible. To ensure that no goshen student or family struggles with unnecessary academic barriers, we provide every student in grades K through 12 with a laptop computer.  
Goshen has also used a combination of grants and government funding to begin an expansion of our outdoor wireless network, which will cover all areas of campus with free wifi for student and community use.
During the 2020-2021 school year, GLSD began offering free wireless hotspots to students in need, ensuring that our remote learners are able to continue their education while working through the pandemic.

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Students have access to a variety of career-oriented technology competition opportunities, such as Robotics Club and CyberPatriot Team.horizontal bar
On site credential lab available at Goshen High School through the Connect Clermont Grant.
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Partnership with UC IT program allows GHS students to graduate with industry credentials in networking, computer fundamentals, programming and more.
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GMS Gateway to Technology program helps younger students gain an understanding of STEM careers through courses such as Automation and Robotics, Introduction to Engineering and Flight & Space.
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GHS Project Lead the Way program expands upon the GMS Gateway program to offer computer science and engineering education to Goshen High School students.
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Goshen High School technology course offerings have expanded to include paths to professional certifications in an array of fields, from computer repair and networking to web development and design.
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photo of robotics club participantsComputer-based assessments combined with Formative Instructional Practices allow teachers to adapt instruction to individual student needs.
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GLSD has worked to ensure that every student has access to the internet by issuing wireless hotspots for economically disadvantaged students and increased wireless internet access on campus, including all outdoor public areas.