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Goshen’s academic success is the result of a district-wide commitment to providing opportunities for all students to reach their full potential.

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Goshen’s K-12 focus on success after graduation benefits every student

At Goshen, our commitment to ensuring that every student is prepared for life-long success extends from high school all the way down to Kindergarten.

Our whole-child approach to elementary education creates capable young people with lofty goals.

Our Warriors graduate with college credits, internship experiences and industry certifications. They are competent in critical life skills such as financial literacy, public speaking, interviewing, and adapting to new technologies.

The programs outlined in this district profile are designed to reach students of every age, ability level and background. Our mission is to ensure that when a Warrior becomes a graduate, they have the skills and knowledge required to not just pass tests, but to walk into college, the workplace and the future with confidence.

Goshen families save on college tuition with record Advanced Placement and dual credit success.
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Goshen High School was named Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education. Blue ribbon Goshen Middle School and Spaulding Elementary have been recognized as “Schools of Promise” for their high academic achievement by the State of Ohio. school of promise
Goshen Middle School was named an Ohio Schools to Watch and a National Forum Schools to Watch, making GMS the only new building in the state of Ohio to receive the honor in 2016-2017. schools to watch logo Goshen High School was recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as one of around 50 "High Performing Schools of Honor" in the Ohio.

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Goshen families save on college tuition with record Advanced Placement and dual credit success.

As part of our mission to ensure that our students are prepared for college, Goshen students are encouraged to take advantage of the many college credit opportunities available to GHS students.
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Goshen High School continues to look at ways to expand opportunites for students to take Advanced Placement exams, which saves money on college tuition for Goshen families. When considering the cost per credit hour at an Ohio public university, students can save approximately $1700 by scoring a three or higher on an AP exam.
Students taking Advanced Placement tests earned a score of 3 or higher, earning college credit, on 125 AP tests. 27 Goshen students were named AP Scholars, along with four AP Scholars with Honors, and 11 AP Scholars with Distinction.
Between dual credit and AP classes, GHS students earned 1,121 college credit hours before ever leaving Goshen High School!
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Goshen's commitment to academic excellence is evident in our many innovative programs 

Starting at Grade 6 and continuing through graduation, Goshen students are utilizing a new web-based goal setting and progress tracking tool called Naviance to ensure that every student has clear, attainable goals, and that district staff is assisting every student in meeting those goals.
Goshen Local Schools is one of just 12 districts out of 608 to earn the state report card gifted indicator for growing our top students.
Goshen preschool programs earn the state of Ohio's highest 5 star ranking and award for academic excellence for Step Up to Quality
Goshen Middle School offers students additional opportunities to earn high school credits while at GMS through accelerated social studies classes.
Seventh grade student Julia Allgeyer represented Goshen at the Scipps Howard Regional Spelling Bee competition.
10 Advanced Placement Classes are offered at Goshen High School: Literature, Composition, Government, Psychology, American History, Biology, Chemistry, Music Theory, Environmental Science, and Calculus. These courses provide motivated and academically prepared students with the opportunity to study and learn at the college level on our campus.
School Planning and Management Magazine article names Goshen Local School District a “highly productive school district” along with two other Ohio schools in an article evaluating “education and return on investment”.
Zero Spaulding Elementary 3rd grade students were retained due to the Third Grade Reading Guarantee in 2018.
Marr/Cook offers students a rich early learning experience including summer and before and after school Learning Academy, all-day preschool, half-day preschool, and all-day kindergarten. This year’s group of high-achieving seniors are the first all-day kindergarten students.
Goshen Middle School students are earning high school credits across core content areas, which allows students more time to take advantage of GHS’s many college credit opportunities.
Nine Dual Credit classes are offered at GHS: UC Informational Technology, Western Civilization, College Algebra, Statistics, Pre Calculus, Chemistry, Art History and Sociology.
Saturday morning free ACT prep classes, prep materials, ongoing bootcamps and more help prepare students for success on the ACT.
Marr/Cook’s sole emphasis is on the whole child. This emphasis starts and is supported by all day kindergarten, half day and full day preschool as well as before and after school academic support.
Academic intervention and enrichment opportunities are supported with additional staff during the school day and after the school day that are personalized for students based upon their strengths.

Goshen earns “Best High School” honors from Cincy Magazine

In its annual list of the top performing high schools in Cincinnati and Dayton, Cincy Magazine has once again ranked GHS among the best schools in Cincinnati! The report researched 100 high schools around the area and Goshen High School’s success on measures such as the ACT, graduation rate, attendance rate and per pupil expenditure put our staff and students among the very best!
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Over 300 K-5 students participated in the Summer Reading Challenge and received all access to the Summer Reading Bash.
Goshen seniors earned over 3.0 Million dollars in college scholarships last year.
Goshen High School students can participate in an agreement with the University of Cincinnati to take the first year of the UC's IT program on Goshen's campus.
Spaulding Elementary and Marr/Cook Elementary utilized the Leveled Literacy Intervention program to improve reading skills for students who need additional reading help.
Annual Book drive provides hundreds of books to Goshen families, ensuring that students have the opportunity to read throughout the summer.
Fourth grader Sarah Healey won of the Clermont County Retired Teachers Writing Essay Contest.
State of the art curriculum materials purchased in every content area.

A successful school district places a high degree of importance on ensuring that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential inside and outside of the classroom. This profile helps characterize the overall educational value of your school district in areas that matter most in our community.