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Goshen Transportation Department

Bryan Howard, Director of Transportation
Diane Emerson; Dispatcher

The Goshen Local School District and Petermann Bus are committed to providing a safe ride to and from school. Transportation is provided for all Goshen students including alternative transportation to Live Oaks as well as several parochial and private schools in the area.
Bus routes are updated/created during the summer. The bus stop is usually at a nearby crossing street or corner although some rural roads in the district require door-to door service. For safety reasons, buses do not enter cul-de-sacs or dead-end streets except for students with special needs as required by state law or special circumstances that may need Board approval. Students may have to walk up to half a mile to their bus stop.

Shared Parenting & Emergency Bus Pass

Shared Parenting Transportation Form

In order to design our routes we need families with shared parenting that results in a need for alternate transportation to fill out the attached form. Once the form is completed the transportation department will review route changes and communicate the necessary details. Custody paperwork will be required for the shared parenting transportation to be approved.

Emergency Bus Pass

Students are able to request a temporary bus pass for special/emergency situations.  To obtain a temporary bus pass, parents must complete an emergency form 24 hours in advance explaining the reason.  If approved and space is available, the student will be given a temporary bus pass that will allow them to board the receiving bus.  No Pass/No Ride. This is for student safety and will allow us to practice consistent safety regulations.

We appreciate your cooperation with this important layer of our Return to Learn plan.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the transportation office or district administration.

513-722-2229- Transportation Department

513-722-2222- Board Office