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photo of building edificeHealthSource Goshen Family Practice and School-Based Health Center is located at the rear of Marr/Cook Elementary School.
The Center is open to the entire community and also serves the Goshen Local School District as a school-based health center. The Center is open year round, even during school breaks. Watch a tour.
If your child goes to Goshen Local Schools and you would like to enroll in the school-based health center program, print out and complete this form, and return to your child’s school or call (513) 592-3690 for more information.

Have questions?

What is a school-based health center? Why do we have one? Check out these FAQs for the answers to these and other questions.
Put simply, a school-based health center is like a doctor’s office inside of the school. In a school-based health center, a doctor, or more often, a nurse practitioner, is available to provide medical care to school students, faculty, and staff throughout the day. Goshen’s school-based health center is also open to serve the larger community and allow patients from outside the school building to utilize services much like a regular primary care office.
Studies show that schools that have a school-based health center have higher student and staff attendance rate and higher student achievement. Goshen Local Schools believes that it is important to take care of the whole child. Some students do not have easy access to primary health care. Having a school-based health care center allows those students access to health care so that when they are ill, they do not miss long periods of school.
In addition, this provides a convenient way for parents who cannot take off work in a second's notice to take their child to the doctor upon them getting sick at school to easily access health care for their student.
A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice nurse with special training, allowing them to independently treat patients. They are able to do many of the things that a doctor would do, including diagnose medical conditions, provide health education, and prescribe many medications for acute and chronic illnesses.
You can see the family practice clinician for:
  • Acute illness (flu, strep, pink eye, rashes, sinus infections) and injury treatment
  • Annual preventive exams, well child checks, sports or work physicals
  • Asthma and other chronic illness diagnosis and management
  • Immunizations and vaccinations
  • Routine lab tests
  • Medication prescriptions
The nurse practitioner staffing a school-based health center provides a higher level of care than the school nurse or health assistant can provide. While the school nurse is able to help with administering medications, taking temperatures, and providing ice packs and first aid for minor injuries, the nurse practitioner can go one step further by diagnosing a potential illness/injury and prescribing treatment.
Often, if a school nurse observes that a student has a fever or other signs of illness, he/she might recommend that the child be seen by the nurse practitioner for diagnosis and treatment if necessary.
If a student comes to the office not feeling well, they would still be referred first to the school nurse. The school nurse would make contact with the parent/guardian. The school nurse and parent/guardian together would then determine if the student should be seen at the school-based health center. Students can only be seen at the school-based health center with parental permission. Goshen Schools will provide transportation for any student who is in another building and who has been cleared to be seen at the health center.
HealthSource accepts most major commercial insurances as well as Medicaid and Medicare managed care. For uninsured patients, we offer a discounted sliding fee program, based on income and family size. Please contact your health insurance carrier for insurance coverage related questions.
As long as consent for treatment has been granted in advance by a parent/guardian via completed consent form, a parent does not need to be present for the nurse practitioner to treat a student. 
However, parents/guardians are always welcome in the clinic and staff are happy to wait to see your child if you would prefer to be present during the visit. 
Either way, we will always attempt to notify you regarding treatment of your child, and will communicate any important information from the visit to parents either in person or via a letter or phone conversation.
School students, faculty, and staff are often seen on a walk-in basis throughout the school day. Community members must have an appointment. In most cases, same-day appointments are available.
Absolutely. Parents/guardians are welcome in the health center, and staff is happy to wait to see a child if a parent would like to be present during the visit. 
However a parent/guardian does not need to be present for the nurse practitioner to treat a student as long as consent for treatment has been granted in advance by a parent/guardian via completed consent form.
Students have a separate waiting room within the clinic. While they will use the same entrance as members of the public, they will wait and be seen separately.
Student and staff safety was – and is – a top priority when designing the health center space. Anyone entering the clinic’s main entrance must have an appointment and cannot enter the clinic without being admitted by staff. Members of the public do not have access to the rest of Marr/Cook Elementary from the clinic and cannot enter the actual school building.   

Clinic Hours

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(513) 592-3690