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Veterans Wall of Honor

veterans day
Goshen Local Schools and Goshen Township have a long history of honoring our active-duty members and our veterans.  One day a year is never enough to say Thank You! 
This page will continue to be added to as we value those that sacrifice to keep us safe. Please feel free to continue to send in pictures of friends and family members you would like to honor.    
In addition to this page, each of our buildings celebrates families of veterans each year. Here are this year's tributes.
Goshen Middle School Honor Flight Initiative-  GMS will be raising money to sponsor at least one Honor Flight in partnership with Honor Flight Tristate. Beginning this year, and every year following, we will sponsor as many Honor Flights as possible in Mrs. Teke's memory.


Allan Tudor, Army- 5 years.

Roger D. Harrison, Army, 4 year

Charles G, Stokes, Army Reserves, 8 years

Charles G, Stokes, Army, 4 years

Robert Virgil Sprout, Army, 2 year

Josh Patrick, Army, 10 years.

Richard Fey Jr. 4yrs, Army

Michael Vroman, 4 Yrs, Army 

Leanne Vroman(Osborne), 3 Yrs, Army

Gerald Nause- GHS Class of 2010- Army, 6 years

Josh Sutton Army, 2 years GHS Class of 2019

Logan Mantz, Class of 2018 -United States Army- 173rd Airborne Brigade
Robert West- Army 3 years 
SSG Raymond Miller- 1973-1993
Joe Glutz- 8 years, 2001-2009
Lawrence "Sonny" Forman, Jr.- Goshen Graduate- 4 Years Army
Adrian Bowman- Army 2004-2010
Michael J. Huffaker- Goshen Graduate- 4 Years Army
Gene Vanlandingham- Goshen Graduate- Army 4 years, 1942-1946
Caleb Blair- Army- GLSD staff members son
Noah Blair (Army National Guard)- GLSD staff members son
Terry Daniel (Army)- GLSD staff members father
Travis Pedersen- U.S.ARMY- 10yrs- GLSD students dad
Delbert Ellis - U.S.ARMY WW2 - First Special Service Force( The Devils Brigade)- GLSD students Step Great Grandpa

Joshua Ruh- 2005 Goshen Graduate,  4 years of service with the Air Force

Retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Lindsey Amos Miller 20 years- 2001-2021- 2001 Goshen graduate.

Retired Air Force Master Sergeant Shane Miller - 20 years of service.

George Kinnaird class 1963- 3 years 1 month of service in the US Air Force

Natalee Arbino- Goshen Graduate- 4 years 2017-2021- US Air Force

Captain Alexander Edwards USAF- Goshen Graduate- US Air Force


SGT Scott Kube. USMC. July 2000-July 2005

PFC Bruce F Griffin. USMC. April 1965-May 1966

Sgt Alex Jackson. Marine Corps. 7yrs. Class of 2010
Dylan Shelton- Goshen Graduate- 2019 - current
Zachary Casey, Navy, 2 years, GHS class of 2019
Wes Whanger, Navy, 4 years.
Leslie Spencer- 19 Years Navy
Master Sargeant Frederick Polgardy- 1958-1964, 1974-1990- served on the submarine USS Cavalla SS-244 and Submarine rescue ship USS Petrel ASR – 14.
Roy Pedersen- U.S. NAVY WWII- GLSD students Great Grandpa
Laura and Melvin Mathews- U.S. NAVY WWII- GLSD students Great Grandparents