Free/Reduced lunch application

Breakfast Schedule
USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer
Breakfast Prices
  • Price:  $1.50
  • Reduced:  .30 cents
  • Free:  Free
Lunch Prices
  • Price:  $3.00
  • Reduced:  .40 cents
  • Free:  Free
1.  Marr/Cook Elementary
  • Breakfast Times:  8:30 - 8:50
2.  Spaulding Elementary
  • Breakfast Time:  8:10 - 8:30
3.  Goshen Middle School
  • Breakfast Time:  7:10 - 7:30
  • Location Served:  Cafeteria
4.  Goshen High School
  • Breakfast Time:  7:15 - 7:30
Healthy Start & Healthy Families
Does your child qualify for the School Meals Program? 
If so, your family may qualify for free health coverage!
Healthy Start offers free health care coverage
for kids (birth to age 19) and pregnant women.
Healthy Families offers free health care coverage for the 
entire family - parents AND kids.
Healthy Start & Healthy Families Covers:
Doctor Visits                            Prescriptions
Hospital Care                          Vision  Services
Immunizations                         Dental Care
Substance Abuse                    Mental Health
And Much More!
For more information or an application, call:
1-800-324-8680 (a free call)
TDD 1-800-292-3572
Monday - Friday          7am to 8pm
Saturday - Sunday      12 pm to 5 pm
Your family's size and income determines if your family are eligible for Healthy Start or Healthy Families.
Health Start & Healthy Families are Medicaid Programs administered by The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services.