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Lunch & Fee Payment

my payments plus logoParents and guardians pay yearly student fees, course fees, lunch fees, and activities fees using My Payments Plus at
If you have any questions about student fees, call your student's building.

How to register for My Payments Plus

Go to and click the REGISTER NOW button.
register now button screenshot
Enter the required information, selecting Ohio and Goshen Local School District in the school search boxes, then click the blue Register button at the bottom right.
On the next screen, check the box for I am a Parent or Guardian with student(s) in Goshen Local School District, then click Next.
Finally, add your student(s) to your account.  You will need your student's district ID number (starts with 999), and your student's last name.
Many students know their 999 number, as it is their password for many school-related websites and services.
If your student does not know their 999 number, email his or her teacher.
add students screenshot
Add as many students as you like, then click Done to proceed to your account.

How to pay fees

Once you are logged in to your account, you will see all of your student fees, including any outstanding lunch fees, yearly student fees, and course fees (Goshen High School students only).
If you are paying a cafeteria fee, enter the amount you'd like to pay, then click ADD TO CART.
cafeteria fees screenshot
For student and course fees, simply click ADD TO CART next to any fee you wish to pay.
student fees screenshot
When you are ready to pay, click the CHECKOUT button at the top right.
checkout button
After reviewing your cart, click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button at the bottom right.
The first time you pay a fee, you will need to add a payment method.
method of payment screenshot
Click the Add another method link, then enter your information.
*Note the Save payment method to my account option. Checking this box will ensure that you do not have to reenter your information later.
Now that your payment method is saved, click the PAY NOW button to complete your payment.
Return to whenever you need to pay student fees.
If you have questions about MyPaymentsPlus, please contact your student's building.