The information below is provided for Goshen staff members.
Please review the following bylaws prior to creating a new IPDP.

License Renewal Process

Applicants should begin the process in the first year of a license cycle. Licenses expire June 30. Individuals may not teach with expired credentials.
Step 1. Read IPDP procedures and guidelines in the LPDC bylaws.
Step 2. Complete the new online IPDP form. Refer to these tips for the IPDP goals process.
Step 3. Submit IPDP form. A document containing your submitted information will be shared with you in Google Docs.  Edit this document to ensure that sentence structure is intact, and add any additional information you would like to include in your goals. Inform your building LPDC rep when you are ready for your submission to be reviewed.
Step 4. LPDC returns the IPDP form with approval or request for revision or rejection of the plan. (If the plan is rejected or revision requested, go back to step 1)
Step 5. If IPDP is approved, complete a purple coursework/CEU approval form and then a blue reimbursement form.
Step 6. Take a class or workshop.
Step 7. Complete a green reimbursement sheet after class ends.
Step 8. Repeat steps 5,6 and 7 for as many classes/workshops as it takes to get the needed amount of semester hours or CEUʼs to renew.
Step 9. Complete and submit a license renewal process through your SAFE account.  Click here for information on license types.
Step 10. Call the board office for an appointment for your FBI/BCII checks.
Step 11. Complete the Consistently High Performing Teacher Verification form if you believe you have reached the required criteria for the designation.  Email the form to Brian Bailey.
All other relevant documents are located on the right-hand side of this page.