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Joint Statement - GLSD & Business Advisory Council

Joint Statement

Issued by the

Goshen Local School District and the

Business Advisory Council representing the Goshen Local School District:

in Accordance with the Provisions of Ohio Revised Code 3313.821


Purpose of the Business Advisory Council

The Council fosters cooperation among schools, businesses, and the communities they serve to ensure the work of educators aligns with the needs of businesses. Outcomes of this cooperative effort include but are not limited to raising awareness of educators about the local labor market, promoting work-based experiences within businesses, and helping students prepare for successful learning and employment opportunities.

Meetings Conducted by the Council

So far this school year, the following meetings have taken place involving the Council or significant factions of its membership:
September 26, 2019
November 14, 2019

January 21, 2020
April 16, 2020 Next meeting

The Council’s Plan and Implementation Progress

Description of the work of the Committee as conducted in their meetings.

September 26, 2019 –
The committee was given an update on the purpose and goals of our business advisory committee. The committee was then given an update on the years previous work on the district’s portrait of a graduate. The committee then broke up into 3 groups to discuss ways the district can continue to develop and to give the district ideas to work on in the coming year. The committee decided on the following initiatives.

Develop a tracker system – The purpose of the tracker system would be to show a students’ progress towards the portrait of a graduate competencies throughout their Goshen educational experience, as well as to track their progress after they have completed HS.

Develop an alumni connection point – The purpose of this connection point would be to serve as a LinkedIn model where students can connect with Alumni to help network for jobs.

Develop ways to incorporate new business Bryan Equipment – There was considerable interest in developing an ongoing relationship with Bryan Equipment a new business that relocated into the Goshen District.

November 14, 2019–
The activity for the evening centered on new program implemented at Spaulding Elementary in conjunction with new partner Bryan Equipment and the University of Cincinnati Economic Center. Erin Harris gave a program overview on the StEP program and how Bryan Equipment has been donating time and resources to help students at Spaulding learn financial literacy. This

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moved into a further conversation for Goshen to pursue at a later time the idea of developing a stronger Financial Literacy program.

January 21, 2020–
The committee was given updates on both the Where To tracker (portrait of a graduate tracker) as well as the alumni - student connection portal. Both projects were progressing. The committee also looked at the Ohio Means Jobs Readiness seal to see how the district can better implement the seal into the students’ progress.

Summary of initiatives started by the Council:

Out of our conversations with the Business Advisory Council the Goshen Local School District has started and maintained the following initiatives:

College Readiness Initiatives -

  • -  Focus on providing and increasing the number of high-level courses including AP and

    CCP courses offered in our HS. The past year 2 AP classes were added as well as 2 CCP courses. This includes furthering our agreement with the University of Cincinnati and their IT program.

  • -  Develop a systematic remediation free program to help students who desire to go to college to leave HS remediation free on the ACT. All juniors get help with ACT while targeted students who have demonstrated potential aptitude to be remediation free are eligible for group tutoring to help them attain that goal.

  • -  Utilized parent information nights at all levels of schooling including elementary information nights.

  • -  Increase number of field trips to college campuses.

  • -  Portrait of a Graduate tracker Career Readiness Initiatives –

  • -  Speed mentoring and long term mentoring opportunities for students.

  • -  Increase number of Industry recognized credentials offered at the HS.

  • -  Increase number of career focused classes offered (eg. Project Lead the Way)

  • -  Continue work at creating more internship activities.

  • -  Started lunch and learns to build interest in careers with HS students.

  • -  Increase number of field trips to career fields.

  • -  Alumni student connection portal

  • -  Financial literacy components

  • -  Pre-apprenticeships

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