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Joint Statement - GLSD & Business Advisory Council

Joint Statement

Issued by the

Goshen Local School District

and the

Business Advisory Council representing the Goshen Local School District:


in Accordance with the Provisions of Ohio

Revised Code 3313.821


 Purpose of the Business Advisory Council

The Council fosters cooperation among schools, businesses, and the communities they serve to ensure the work of educators aligns with the needs of businesses.  Outcomes of this cooperative effort include but are not limited to raising awareness of educators about the local labor market, promoting work-based experiences within businesses, and helping students prepare for successful learning and employment opportunities.


Meetings Conducted by the Council

So far this school year, the following meetings have taken place involving the Council or significant factions of its membership:

September 26, 2018

November 7, 2018

January 22, 2019

April 17, 2019 Next meeting

The Council’s Plan and Implementation Progress

Description of the work of the Committee as conducted in their meetings.

September 26, 2018

The committee broke up into 3 groups to complete a form that was to give guidance and suggestions for the next educational step in marketing our programs that prepare students for college or a career to our students and our community.  The goal was to increase student awareness and involvement in the opportunities at GHS and to make parents and community members aware to elicit their support. Suggestions included:

Topic: AP/Dual Credit Classes – Sell Dual Credit in dollar values to our students.   Students have to be sold on taking the course and knowing they can be successful, show the connection between course choice to career choice.  Market shortening your degree time from four to three years, incentives for AP classes. Do a brochure that shows all the positives of taking the class and provides all the sales pitch about motivations such as money, rewards, prestige and time. Gearing students towards choice-AP vs. Honors, asking the question “What life do you want?” Do parent surveys, utilize videos and post cards to market.

Topic: Internships: (both to students and businesses) – Gap of career vs. college, videos, Post cards

Topic: Where to? Brand – Technology Surveys, videos that are 2 minute blurbs entitled “Where to?” Paint the Where to? brand on the back of BP, use Snapchat, future ready?

Topic: Parent Night - Activity to connect you to the lifestyle you would like to lead.  Add a College and Career Fair at GHS. Consider adding events or making changes to encourage parents to come:  examine a time change for meetings (College and Coffee) shift purpose of conferences, market the successes, parent round table, use webinars, parent teacher conference nights.

Topic: Importance of being Remediation Free – Videos and postcards, target economically disadvantages families – show how it is  a possibility? First generation to college, build trust with the families, parent breakfast meeting, on-line, leveraging parents

Topic: Industry Credentials- market the interest inventories, career picture, newsletters, facts by the numbers for each grade level

November 7, 2018

The activity for the evening centered on answering three questions.  The questions and the results are as follows:

Question 1.  Who are our publics and what are the needs that we are meeting for each?

  • Students – education, career and life skills  Why do 283 open enrollment students “choose” here?  Add it to the open enrollment application.
  • Mental health help
  • Transportation
  • Guardians – helping them to be a contributing members of society
  • Community and future employers
  • Local colleges – to be college ready - Higher Education
  • Parents – successful gateway for students
  • Taxpayer – property values, fiscal responsibility, entertainment
  • Employers – prepared workforce
  • Alumni and Foundation – engaging
  • Teachers and staff
  • Community  - civic minded
  • Use of facilities
  • Senior citizens and Veterans offerings
  • Educate their most prized possessions

Question 2.  What is it about Goshen that sets it apart from other school districts?  How are we unique?

  • Passionate
  • Community driven
  • People giving back to the community – creating hope and provides experiences for all types of kids
  • Roots – people stay it is a safe place and safe environment
  • Close-knit – family-like environment
  • Providing experiences  - STEM clubs and groups
  • Community pride
  • Building – nice facilities
  • 20 opportunities  for college credit
  • LEAD program and Junior Achievement
  • United community
  • Blue Ribbon school
  • Five Star Preschool rating
  • Athletics
  • Philanthropic
  • EMT Program and other certification programs
  • Ascend Academy
  • Top Ten Places to Work
  • Proactive and Responsive

Question 3.  In order to get the Goshen community to buy-in and be proud of what we are doing, they must SEE our brand in as many places as possible.  What can we do to make our brand more visible? (i.e., billboards, social media, website, etc).

  • Common logo
  • User friendly website
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consistency in brand
  • 3 click website
  • Welcome wagon
  • Paint Logo on water tower
  • Engage Alumni
  • Cup wrap around Goshen Grind or McDonalds coffee cups
  • Kroger grocery cart ads

January 22, 2019

The committee began work on the district “Portrait of a Graduate” initiative.  The committee provided the school district with a list of weighted competencies that the businesses would like to see in a Goshen graduate.  The weighted results are listed below.



Work Ethic


Communication Verbal/Written/Listening


Financial Awareness


Flexibility and Coachability


Time Management


Ability to build meaningful relationships


Trade School Opportunities


Team work


Problem Solving


Social Skills Punctuality


Stem Skills


Technology and Future Planning


Public Speaking


Have a Mentor


More Rigor






Ability to receive feedback


Summary of initiatives started by the Council:

Out of our conversations with the Business Advisory Council the Goshen Local School District has started and maintained the following initiatives:

College Readiness Initiatives -  

  • Focus on providing and increasing the number of high level courses including AP and CCP courses offered in our HS. The past year 2 AP classes were added as well as 2 CCP courses.  This includes furthering our agreement with the University of Cincinnati and their IT program.
  • Develop a systematic remediation free program to help students who desire to go to college to leave HS remediation free on the ACT.  All juniors get help with ACT while targeted students who have demonstrated potential aptitude to be remediation free are eligible for group tutoring to help them attain that goal.  
  • Utilized parent information nights at all levels of schooling including elementary information nights.  
  • Increase number of field trips to college campuses.  

Career Readiness Initiatives –

  • Speed mentoring and long term mentoring opportunities for students.
  • Increase number of Industry recognized credentials offered at the HS.
  • Increase number of career focused classes offered (eg. Project Lead the Way)
  • Continue work at creating more internship activities.  
  • Started lunch and learns to build interest in careers with HS students.  
  • Increase number of field trips to career fields.