Technology » Using ProgressBook to monitor student grades

Using ProgressBook to monitor student grades

ProgressBook allows parents to track student grades, attendance, missing assignments, and more.


Our data shows that parent involvement is one of the biggest factors in determining success at school and in life.


Log in to your ProgressBook account below using the link below, or refer to one of the guides on setting up an account and accessing your student's grades online.


Progressbook login link


Click a link below to display a guide.
Parents must register a ProgressBook account for each of their students.
You will need student name, date of birth, and a registration key.
The registration key will be emailed to you, and is a 15 character string of letters and numbers.
Example registration key: PAJCTX5TZCWN993
Go to and click the Sign Up button on the right side of the screen.
pb signup button
If this is the first time you've registered a student, click the I am a parent button under New Parent Account.
If you already have an account and wish to connect another student, click the Link student button under Add Another Child to Your Parent Account
Provide the requested information.
screenshot of parent registration screen
The information you provide in the Link Students to Account area must match the information in our student information system. Look for an email containing the registration key. If you need help, contact your student's school.
When you are ready, click the Register button.
register button
Your account will be created and you will be taken back to the sign in screen.
Progressbook login link
Once you are logged in to ProgressBook you will land on the ProgressBook home screen.
ProgressBook home screen
Click any class in the Grades area to see assignments and grades for that class.
If your student is taking more than five classes, click View all grades.
Track attendance at the bottom right.
While not all of the links in the navigation bar work for parents, there are several useful ones.
Grades lists all classes and assignments in detail.
Attendance displays every tardy and absence.
Report Card allows parents to download a PDF version of interims and report cards, and view all prior report cards.
Class Information provides contact information for teachers.
My Account is where users change a password or email address,  or add/remove additional students.
To log out click your username at the top right.

Check ProgressBook daily to make sure your student has every opportunity to succeed here at school and later in life!
Log in to ProgressBook and click the Report Card option in the navigation bar on the left.
PB navigation bar
Look for the View Paper Report Card link at the top of the screen.
view paper report card button
Click the link to open a PDF version of your student's most recent interim report or report card.
Note that you can also view all previous report cards using the View Paper History link.