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Duties of the Treasurer:


The Treasurer serves the school district as the chief fiscal officer. The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt, safekeeping, and disbursement of the school district funds.


This includes investing the District's monies to receive the best possible return for the Goshen Local Schools. The Treasurer directs and manages all financial accounting programs and systems used within the District.  The Treasurer also acts as Secretary to the Board of Education and performs other duties as assigned by the Goshen Board of Education.

Other Essential Functions:

1. Attend and record proceedings of all Board meetings.

2. Prepare annual budget and appropriations resolution.

3. Render monthly and annual statements to Board, including the District's Five Year Forecast.

4. Sign all checks in accordance with the law.

5. Maintain insurance coverage for all District properties.

6. Complete and file all forms and reports required by the Federal Clearinghouse, Ohio Auditor, Clermont, and Warren County Auditors, Department of Education, and other state and local agencies.

7. Prepare District salary notices, retirement contributions, maintain records of all sick, personal, and vacation leave for all employees and maintain records of all fringe benefits.

8. Prepare and certify all purchase orders and requisitions for supplies and services.

9. Prepare and advertise all legal notices concerning Board Business.

10. Prepare and file all required contracts and maintenance agreements.