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Accidental Damage Protection Plan

Goshen Local School District is excited to announce that we have partnered with Secured Tech Solutions to offer accidental damage protection (ADP) for district-provided laptop computers for all students in grades 3 through 12.
For a cost of $30 for the school year, ADP covers ALL damaged or stolen laptop computers (police report required for stolen computers), no matter how many times it happens, for the entire school year.
If you choose to purchase ADP and your computer is stolen or damaged in any way, your student will simply report the damage and receive a new “loaner” computer the same day. The computer will be repaired and returned to your student at no cost to you.
Use this link to purchase an accidental damage protection plan:
Frequently asked questions
Q: Which students are eligible for purchasing accidental damage protection?
A: Students in grades 3 through 12. Marr/Cook students do not take their devices home, and are not eligible for an ADP plan.
Q: What does an accidental damage protection plan cost?
A: $30 per computer for the school year.
Q: What is covered?
A: Stolen computers and ALL accidental damage from common things like drops, liquid damage, etc.
*Intentional damage is not covered.
*A police report is required for stolen computers.
Q: Is anything not covered?
A: Yes. Chargers are not covered. Lost computers are not covered. Intentionally damaged computers are not covered.
Q: If I choose not to purchase a protection plan and my student’s device is damaged, what will happen?
A: Each time a computer is damaged, the family will be charged a fee depending on the type of computer and the type of damage. For example:
- Total loss: $300
- Broken screen: $125
- Keyboard/trackpad damage: $75
Q: Does an ADP plan cover more than one damaged computer?
A: Yes! Our agreement with Secured Technologies covers all accidental damage and theft incidents for the entire year, no matter how many.
Q: What is the process if a computer is damaged?
A: Your student tells a teacher, who will report the damage. Your student will receive a new loaner computer immediately. Your student will use the loaner computer while the damaged computer is repaired, and then your original computer will be returned to you.
Q: Will my student have access to their files on a loaner computer?
A: Yes! Students store files in Google Drive, so they are accessible from any computer.
Q: Does my student have to use a district-supplied computer?
A: Yes. It is very important that students and staff can rely on their computers to perform as expected, and to be able to access all classroom, homework, and assessment material assigned by staff. For this reason, we issue a computer to every student.

Repair fees for computers not covered by ADP

Goshen High School MacBooks
Total Loss $300
Display Panel $125
Clutch Cover $75
Logic Board $75
Palmrest w/ Keyboard $75
Most Other Fixes $60
Goshen Middle School Lenovo 100e Chromebooks
Total Loss $300
LCD $80
Bezel $55
Keyboard $85
Top Cover $45
Bottom Cover $45
Most Other Fixes $35-$55
Spaulding Dell 3100 Chromebooks
Total Loss $300
LCD $120
Bezel $40
Keyboard $60
Top Cover $60
Bottom Cover $40
Palmrest $70
Most Other Fixes $35-$50
Use this link to purchase an accidental damage protection plan: