2021-22 Return to Learning Plan » Cafeteria


This plan is currently a draft, and is subject to change as required by changes to circumstances and local, state, and federal laws and regulations
  • Capacity
    • Lunch periods scheduled to maintain 50% capacity to allow for social distancing
  • Seating
    • Assigned seats to limit cross contamination
  • Manner of serving food
    • Contact minimized between students and staff
    • Floor markers will ensure social distancing in serving lines
    • Individual condiment packages will be utilized
  • Cleaning
    • Sanitize all table tops and seats before and after each lunch
    • Disinfect touchpoints before and after each lunch
    • Sanitize serving areas and tables between lunches
  • Additional considerations
    • No visitors will be permitted to eat in the cafeteria
    • Monitor and issue passes for bathroom use during lunch time
    • Students use hand sanitizer or wash hands before and after lunch
    • Parents are encouraged to pay online or by check to reduce the exchange of cash
    • Eliminate use of student keypad
  • Breakfast
    • Will be served following the same protocols listed above