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This plan is currently a draft, and is subject to change as required by changes to circumstances and local, state, and federal laws and regulations
GLSD is continuing the following policies to ensure that our learning environments are as safe as possible.
  • GermStop
    • With GermStop, our certified trained technicians mist an antimicrobial coating to all the touchpoints.
  • Ventilation
    • Leave classroom doors open as feasible to improve air circulation and reduce door handle touches
    • Bipolar Needlepoint Ionization air purification system was installed during the 20/21 school year and will continue to run in all four buildings to reduce airborne viruses.
  • Sanitize desks between classes
  • Sanitize touchpoints and/or other classroom items throughout day as needed
  • Provide supplies as needed to sanitize classroom
  • Cleaning protocols established for daytime custodians/porters
    • Touchpoints
      • Door handles, stair rails, pencil sharpeners
    • High traffic areas
      • Restrooms, stairways, hallways
    • 2x/day restrooms and touchpoints disinfected during the school day.
    • Germstop provides a protective barrier as well
  • Cleaning protocols established for nighttime cleaning.
    • Every night there is a thorough cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.
      • Full mop
      • Every desk, every night
      • Touchpoints - during day and at night
  • Cafeteria
    • GermStop treated
    • Food safe sanitizers utilized
      • Sanitation completed after each lunch period
  • Clinic
    • Disinfect door handles, countertops, seating areas, restrooms, etc. as necessary throughout the school day
    • Shared Classroom/Gym Equipment Materials
      • Limit shared materials
      • If necessary, materials will be disinfected after each use