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GLSD is on the App store!

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The GLSD app is our attempt to bring everything students, parents, and families need together in one place.
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Linking the Messages feature to a SchoolMessenger account

Messages is an archive of every automated voice message, email, and text message sent by Goshen Local Schools using the SchoolMessenger service.
If you miss a phone call, you will find it stored in Messages.  If you forgot the details of an upcoming event, you can find
the email stored in Messages.  It even connects all of your students, so you get everything in one place. 

Set up

The Messages feature links to the SchoolMessenger app, which you will download from the App Store. Find the app by tapping Messages in the GLSD app.

screenshot of school messenger appscreenshot of schoolmessenger app

Once the SchoolMessenger app is installed, you will see a blue screen with options to sign up or log in.

To sign up, the following must be true.

1. You must be the guardian of a student enrolled at Goshen Local Schools.

2. You must provide an email address that is attached to your student(s) in Goshen's student information system.

3. You must be able to verify ownership of the email address by logging in to it.

If you have any issues with the above requirements, you should contact your student's building.

When you are ready, choose sign up, then give the app your email address and create a password.

SchoolMessenger will send an email in order to verify that you are the owner of the email account.

Check your email, click the verify link, and then return to the SchoolMessenger app.

This time, choose log in. Log in using the email address you provided and the password you created.

Once logged in successfully, you will see all of the messages Goshen has sent your student(s) this school year.

The next time you tap Messages in the GLSD app, you will be taken to your list of messages immediately.


More GSLD app features

progressbook icon
The ProgressBook button allows parents and students to log in to ProgressBook within the GLSD app in just a few taps.
The app also provides instructions for creating a ProgressBook account if you have never done so.
  menu handlebar from goshen app
Side menu features
There are many more options available under the side menu. Tap the handle button at the top left of the GLSD app.
facebook icon from GLSD app
twitter icon from GLSD app
social media icon from GLSD app
Social media options
The FaceBook and Twitter buttons will take you directly to Goshen's official accounts on those platforms.
The Social media button will take you to a complete list of Goshen's many social media accounts.
Goshen has a large presence on a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, SnapChat, Youtube, and more.
Browse them all using the Social media button.
board members icon from glsd app
Board members
Bios and contact options for Goshen Board of Education members.
menu icon from glsd app
Find out what's to eat at GLSD!
notifications icon from glsd app
The notifications area stores all push notifications sent by the GLSD app.
safety icon from GLSD app
Student safety concerns
Report any student safety concerns to district personnel within the app. Student safety is our top priority. We handle all safety concerns quickly and confidentially.
employment icon from GLSD app
Join the Warrior family! See all current employment opportunities here.
settings icon from GLSD app
Use the settings area to add or remove different building feeds in your GLSD app.