Goshen Local Schools Receives Grant From the Ohio Department of Education

Goshen Local Schools has recently been awarded a nearly half million dollar grant to increase both college readiness opportunities as well as industry credentialing opportunities for students.  Only 17 school districts in the state of Ohio were awarded the grant from the Ohio Department of Education.  The grant was established as part of Ohio’s strategic plan for education known as "Each Child, Our Future".  The purpose of the grant is designed to expand access to and increase  enrollment in advanced coursework for students including low-income students through the development of career pathways, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate opportunities.  The grant awarded to Goshen Local Schools is for the amount of $425,000 over the course of 3 years. 

The grant fits well with Goshen Local Schools future and current college and career readiness initiatives.  At Goshen the grant will fund strategies aimed at:

  • Developing more advanced placement and college course opportunities
  • Developing new industry credentialing pathways
  • Increase career exploration and college readiness efforts in elementary and middle school.

“A commitment to access and equity is deeply embedded in our history and mission at Goshen.” said Superintendent Darrell Edwards. “We believe in every student’s talent and potential to make important contributions to our world. This grant will deepen our capacity and speed our progress toward making good on our district mission for all students to perform at increasingly higher levels.”

The money specifically will be used for initiatives such as to help further develop the college Information Technology program that was created through the partnership between the University of Cincinnati and Goshen Local Schools.  A portion will be used to bring in state of the art equipment for Goshen students to not only take college level computer courses, but also help those students gain industry credentials that usually are earned by post-secondary students.  In addition, tools that help monitor students progress towards post High School goals will be added to help engage parents with the college and career planning process. 

One of the Board of Education's Target Areas is "Career and College Readiness".  The grant means that more opportunities will come to Goshen students and families.  These opportunities will help lead the way for a bright future for all students in the Goshen Local School District.