Goshen Local Schools Improves Facilities to Enhance Safety

In order to insure a safe high school, we have redesigned the entrance to GHS.  After the start of the school day, visitors will no longer be buzzed into the front hallway by our office personnel.  Instead, they will be buzzed into the front office itself and will only be permitted entrance into the building after that by front office staff.  The attendance office has been moved so that parents signing their student in or out will not have to enter the main building in order to do so. Limiting access to our building even further than we have previously will enhance security.

Utilizing technology to insure our students’ safety has received our attention this summer.  Additional key card entries have been installed at the elementary level to insure all doors are locked at all times before and during school.  Exterior security camera systems have been improved throughout the campus.


photo of new ghs entrance