School Safety--Second SRO To Be Added Next School Year

Financial responsibility for current school resource officer Tim Budai is shared between the district and the township, and the addition of a second SRO is another example of their ongoing collaborative efforts to ensure the safety of our students and community.  The new uniformed police officer will typical work a 30 hour work week when school is in session. Goshen Township will train our new SRO and the officer will be ready by the first day of 2018-19 school year.

Superintendent Darrell Edwards commented that “As a school district and as a community student safety is our number one priority.  We are fortunate to have a great working relationship with our local first responders and Goshen Township administration. Goshen Local Schools, in collaboration with Goshen Township administration, continually examines our campus and emergency procedures in a proactive manner.”

Goshen Police Chief Bob Rose stated that “We enjoy an excellent partnership with Goshen Local Schools and we regularly collaborate to improve school safety. The addition of a second SRO is a proactive effort to further secure our schools. We have and continue to take proactive steps to strengthen security in Goshen Local Schools and this addition is another improvement.”

School resource officers help provide a safe school environment for students, staff and visitors, and the position includes many duties, such as supervising student behavior, traffic assistance for safety, advising on the district’s safety procedures and crisis management plan, monitoring surveillance and security systems, and acting as a liaison to the Goshen Township Police Department, parents, and other community members.

Applicants must be OPOTA certified and have at least one year of law enforcement experience.  To apply applicants can submit a resume with cover letter to Bob Rose, Chief of Police. These documents may be emailed to or otherwise delivered to Goshen Township Police Department, 6757 Goshen Road, Goshen OH 45122.  The deadline to apply is no later than June 13, 2018.