School safety: planning, practicing, and working together to keep our children safe

We review, refine, and practice these procedures throughout the school year.  We are appreciative of the relationship we have with our local police and fire department personnel.  Together with parents and safety officials, we will continue to work hard to fulfill our top priority--keeping our students safe so that they can learn.
Please reinforce with your child that their school is safe, their teachers care about them, and to follow the rule “See Something, Say Something”. If you have any reason to believe there is a safety concern, please report it to staff members. In addition to personally visiting the school or calling the school, you may do so on the district web page.
This page gives you access to online anonymous reporting tools and a 24 hour phone number that you can call if you have a concern.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s principal.  We will continue to work together to keep every member of the Warrior Family safe.  
Darrell Edwards, Superintendent