Goshen Local School District

January is Board of Education Appreciation Month

As a part of our celebration Mr. Edwards presented Sue Steele, Tom Bixler, John Gray, John Benthien and Julie Casey with certificates of appreciation, a 1st Team All Goshen Award and thanked them for their years of service.  The following video was also created by GNN and shows a little bit why we are fortunate to have such a caring dedicated board of education working for the community of Goshen..
Watch the Video here!

As citizens who serve children and represent their communities, individual school board members face complex and demanding challenges. Yet, few people fully understand the scope and far-reaching implications of board members responsibilities. All Ohioans should recognize the vital contributions of these men and women and focus attention on the crucial role these elected public officials play in the education of our children. They make a difference for students.


 Here are a few highlights of the board of education's work over the past year:

  • The board has focused on using a variety of communication structures with our external audience including a new district electronic message center sign, the web page, a billboard, Twitter, Facebook, emails, GNews, and a weekly Cerkyl newsletter delivering important news and what is happening in the district. The  board all utilized a community survey for input this fall.
  • Board members and district administrators presented during a the state of Ohio Capitol Conference breakout session, relating to Junior Achievement, college and career readiness, and prepared for success measures as low as the elementary level.
  • Board committees include the Finance Committee where data is used to make decisions, the CIP/Curriculum Committee where data is used to make academic improvement decisions
  • The board and district administration investigated and interviewed several enrollment experts and hired one to provide ongoing data on enrollment and growth of our community.
  • There are 610 school districts in Ohio.  Only 8 attained the gifted indicator on the Local Report Card for identifying and serving the gifted population.  Goshen Local Schools was one of the eight due to the Board of Education's focus and  sound decision making and budgetary consideration which allows our gifted students to flourish academically.
  • The board initiates a yearly retreat where progress towards district goals and actions steps are shared and new focus areas for the proceeding academic year are set.
  • The Board of Education has utilized a community engagement process with the Facilities Committee to proactively provide a plan for the present and future of the Goshen Local Schools facilities.  Staff, the Board, and community members met and developed a new Master Facilities Plan, are proactively addressing high-cost facilities repairs such as roofing needs, turf replacement at Jim Brown Stadium, parking lot expansion, network upgrades, storage facility, gymnasium LED lights, and a new football scoreboard.

  • The Board of Education has collaborated with the community on the establishment of the Goshen Education Foundation.  The Foundation has handed out it’s first scholarship of $2,500 and helped sponsor the building of the new school message center.
  • The board continued its diligence with promoting school safety by reviewing and amending the school safety and emergency response plans.   A team emergency preparedness tabletop exercise was held with police, fire, Clermont County EMA and administrative team members to rehearse strategies, procedures, and to evaluate our response plans.  The board also approved the adoption and purchase of an online emergency procedures manual Navigate Prepared, which includes upgrades to the district ability to communicate internally and externally during a time of crisis.