Goshen Local School District

Clermont County Work Readiness Partnership Celebration

Goshen Career Prep Educator of the Year

Marilyn Meyer is the Assistant Principal at Goshen High School and has served both the high school and the district for sixteen years. Marilyn filled the role of guidance counselor for thirteen years before moving into a building administrative position. Her extensive knowledge of career counseling has proven beneficial in her role as assistant principal. It’s not uncommon to find Ms. Meyer talking with students about their future plans and goals while also executing various levels of discipline. Goshen High School students gravitate to Ms. Meyer as she truly attends to the needs of the whole child. Marilyn has often been found purchasing prom dresses, basic necessities, and items of special interest for students who may otherwise be left out of the various student activities.

Ms. Meyer works closely with the Director of College & Career Readiness to help execute the rich career readiness activities at the high school. She has been recognized by Junior Achievement for her passion for this program and is responsible for Goshen’s close connections with the implementation of Junior Achievement throughout the district.

Ms. Meyer is a perfect example for Goshen students when it comes to perseverance and overcoming obstacles that have been set in one’s path. She is a breast cancer survivor of 12 years and often uses her experience to help students keep all stresses of high school and life into perspective. Singlehandedly, Ms. Meyer is responsible for saving some students’ lives. 

It seems fitting that when Goshen Local School District is asked to nominate its Career Prep Educator of the Year, Ms. Marilyn Meyer quickly comes to mind. Her tireless effort and dedication to the students and families of the Goshen community will be felt long after Ms. Meyer retires from Goshen.

Clermont County Career Prep Educator of the Year

Owen Huff is the Career Based Intervention Instructor through our Live Oaks Satellite Program. Owen supports at-risk students through academic guidance and employment skills. He is each student's advocate-providing support through life's toughest issues that can impact the future of his students.

Owen also heads up our business partner mentoring program in collaboration with Clermont County Work Readiness Initiative. 

Mr. Huff offers a wide variety of options for his students’ future careers, matching their personalities and abilities to what will hopefully be most productive for them. He teaches his students about transition services to live their best possible life, and reach their post-secondary goals. He teaches them the importance of self-advocacy and self-determination skills. Owen strives to make connections with adult service agencies in the community so that his students can be linked to providers before exiting high school. He works with parents and students to discuss long-term planning together.

Owen works collaboratively to set up tours at different places of business so that Goshen students can gain awareness of other types of jobs available to them after HS or college. These and many other traits demonstrate why he deserves to be the Clermont County Career Prep Educator of the Year.

Goshen Business Partner of the Year and County Wide Volunteer of the Year- Jana Beal- Park National Bank

Jana Beal of Park National Bank is Goshen Local School District’s nomination for Business Partner of the Year. Jana’s passion for serving is evident as she works with two school districts as their chamber representative and is involved in multiple programs sponsored by the chamber.

Jana serves on Goshen’s business advisory council and is an integral member to providing any support the district needs to advance college and career opportunities. Jana teaches classes through the chamber’s Work Force Readiness Initiative and also supports Junior Achievement programs throughout the district.

Jana Beal provides a professional perspective for Goshen as the district continues to advance more opportunities for students. She assists as a mentor through the chamber’s Community Connectors Grant and serves as a mentor in the chamber’s speed mentoring program. She is everywhere!

Jana has become a “sounding board” for Goshen’s Director of College and Career Readiness and often provides valuable feedback and professional input when it comes to planning the varied career opportunities throughout the district.

Goshen truly values Jana Beal of Park National Bank and therefore believes she is truly worthy of this award.