Goshen Local School District

Debbie Bailey- 2017 OSBA Outstanding Classified Staff Member

Here is the nomination that High School Assistant Principal Mrs. Meyer sent in as Debbie's nomination.

In any organization there are people that serve as the glue and hold the institution together. In many an office it is not uncommon to hear the phrase “Thanks, we could not run this place without you.” In many organizations or businesses this phrase could be considered an idle compliment. When those of us at Goshen High School say it to our building secretary Mrs. Debbie Bailey, we really mean it!

Debbie Bailey is the consummate professional when it comes to steering the ship that is Goshen High School. Debbie is the first person to meet the public when they enter our building. She makes people feel welcome and important, and takes care of the needs of parents, students, teachers and administrators. This is not an easy job and it is a job that would overwhelm many people. Debbie does about one thousand and one important jobs for Goshen High School. At any given time one can find her organizing classroom coverage, managing schedules for others, answering the phone, and the door, and helping people that come to the counter. This is a short list of only a few of the tasks, and these things are all happening at the same time. Debbie sacrifices her time and her convenience to make sure that time sensitive building matters are taken care of. She is a master at multi-tasking and she makes it look easy. The phrase “We could not run this place without you.” is really true when it comes to Goshen High School and Debbie Bailey.

Good people are the key ingredient to any successful business or institution. It would be difficult to find a more wonderful person than Mrs. Bailey. Debbie is caring and gives to all without ever drawing attention to her self. Few people know that she personally purchases a bible for each graduating senior and hands them out at the time of graduation. If there is an illness or a need within the building, Debbie is always the first one to organize food, order flowers, or make a blanket or basket for a new baby.   Debbie tutors younger students through the Whiz Kid program at her church, and steps forward when she sees any need of a young person. Debbie frequently purchases clothes or shoes for students in need. She does not want recipients to know where items come from, she only wants to know that the young person’s needs are met.  Debbie is thoughtful, extremely kind, and humble.

Debbie has incredible faith and strength of character. She is the glue that holds Goshen High School and her family together. She remains steadfast through difficult times and trials that would break others. No matter what life throws at Debbie, she stands tall and has faith that God has a plan. She is a remarkable woman.

Any organization can be equated to a clock. There are the people who are out front, the hands of the clock. These are the people who are seen and thought of when the organization is mentioned. Behind the scenes there are many other people, the gears of the clock. The hands might be in place but if the gears are not working the clock does not keep time correctly or work at all. Debbie is the main gear in the “clock” that is Goshen High School.