Goshen Local School District

January is Board of Education Appreciation Month

In January, The Ohio School Boards Association and school districts across Ohio will celebrate the work of school boards. Goshen Local Schools recognized our Board of Education members on Monday, January 9th at the regular business meeting. As a part of our celebration Mr. Edwards presented Sue Steele, Tom Bixler, John Gray, John Benthien and Julie Casey with certificates of appreciation and thanked them for their years of service.  The following video was also created to say thanks as well.

As citizens who serve children and represent their communities, individual school board members face complex and demanding challenges. Yet, few people fully understand the scope and far-reaching implications of board members responsibilities. All Ohioans should recognize the vital contributions of these men and women and focus attention on the crucial role these elected public officials play in the education of our children. They make a difference for students.


 Here are a few highlights of the board of education's work over the past year:

  • The Board of Education has refocused the Facilities Committee with the desire to proactively provide a plan for the present and future of the Goshen Local Schools facilities. Staff, the Board, and community members met and developed a new Master Facilities Plan including an enrollment study geared at meeting the short and long-term facilities needs of the school district.

  • The Board of Education adamantly supports the efforts of the district in meeting and exceeding Ohio's Career Advising Policy by developing a systematic plan to attack College and Career Readiness.  Programs such as Believe in Ohio, Structured College/Career Days and Internships provide rich experiences for Goshen students.

  • The Board members along with the districts administrative team worked with an outside facilitator to review and amend the districts mission, vision and target areas for the 2016-2017 academic year.
  • The board led the district in a continued path of excellent collaboration between the district and community organizations, as exemplified by the OSBA award for Outstanding Volunteer Program- Student Safety - A Community Approach
  • Board members and district administrators presented during a capitol conference breakout session, relating to the new local report card and college and career readiness and prepared for success measures, including attempts to be remediation free on the ACT.
  • Monthly reports on student achievement, historical trend data, Local Report Card and financial data are made to the Board of Education. This data is used to help set district goals and make decisions.Board committees include the Finance Committee where data is used to make decisions, the CIP/Curriculum Committee where data is used to make academic improvement decisions, and the Facilities Committee where data on facilities was used to make decisions on short-term facilities needs.
  • Student academic data is promoted monthly at the Board of Education meetings through the Student Achievement Report by a member and the Superintendent.
  • The board initiates a yearly retreat where progress towards district goals and actions steps are shared and new focus areas for the proceeding academic year are set.
  •  Planning for Post Secondary Success program presented at the 2016 Capital Conference.  By Embracing Ohio's Career Advising Policy and local business partnerships, students shared how they developed systematic plans for college and career readiness through programs such as Believe in Ohio, Structured College/Career Days and internships with local business partners.
  • Business Advisory Committee is a partnership of staff, board members, community members, and local businesses that work collaboratively to make recommendations with the Board on getting students prepared for college and a career. This committee has been effective in providing opportunities for internships, job shadowing, and exposure to careers and the necessary skills needed to be successful in those careers.
  • Published a Quality Profile for our community that provided another opportunity to communicate the districts accomplishments and fiscally responsible approach.
  • The board created an opportunity to honor former Goshen students who left school early to answer the call of their country. In a special ceremony the board honored and provided 4 veterans of our country the high school graduation ceremony they missed while serving.
  • The board continued its diligence with promoting school safety by reviewing and amending the school safety and emergency response plans, including hosting a county wide threat assessment training of Goshen and other Clermont County school districts. The board also approved the adoption and purchase of a new online emergency procedures manual, which includes upgrades to the district ability to communicate internally and externally during a time of crisis.
  • The board initiated a district focus on career and college readiness that included a Internship Showcase and college and career readiness nights that supported our students and families.
  • Provided a community evening technology safety night in conjunction with PTO and Cincinnati Bell.