Goshen Local School District

Automated Attendance Calls

Goshen Local Schools will start using School Messenger as our automated attendance call system prior to winter break, with a goal of full implementation after winter break. This system automatically calls parents to inform them that their child was reported absent at school by their teacher. These calls are designed to serve as a reminder to those that may have forgotten to call our attendance line to report an absent child.  

If a student is absent, the parent/guardian must notify the school by calling the school at the start of the school day providing an explanation or leaving a message as directed. Following the absence parents will still need to send in a note or email the building specific attendance secretary with the reason for the absence as required by law.

Each school is set up to send attendance notifications at specifically designed times. As a safety precaution, the automated attendance calls sent when your child is absent will now be sent earlier in the  day.  Attendance calls will be pushed out at the following times.


9:15 a.m. -Goshen Middle School - 513-722-2226 - widnert@goshenlocalschools.org            

9:15 a.m.- Goshen High School - 513-722-2227 - lutzc@goshenlocalschools.org  

9:45 a.m.- Marr Cook- 513-722-2224 - baileyd@goshenlocalschools.org

9:45 a.m.- Spaulding Elementary 513-722-2225 - mckinneyl@goshenlocalschools.org

In the near future we will send out a test call to all numbers where attendance calls will be directed. Please contact your student’s building if we have the wrong primary phone numbers on file, as the system pulls primary guardian contact information directly from ProgressBook. 

At GLSD we continue to try to be proactive and implement processes that create more effective communication with our families and students. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience as we begin the implementation of the automated attendance calls. 


Click the audio button below to hear a sample message.

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