Veterans Diploma Celebration

According to Ohio State Law, a Veteran who left school early to join the military between the years of 1941 and 1975 or left school prior to graduation due to family circumstances and subsequently joined the military to support the war effort and was honorably discharged is entitled to receive their high school diploma. Goshen Local School District is proud to be a part of this tradition.

Today, we are were able to honor four Warriors who left school early to answer the call of their country. It is our honor and privilege to provide them the high school graduation ceremony they missed while serving.

Mr. Edwards and the Board of Education, certified that the records of these men have met the requirements for graduation as bestowed on them by the state of Ohio and Goshen Local School District. We have a saying at Goshen Local Schools – Once a Warrior, Always A Warrior! Congratulations to these men and on behalf of your community, school and country we say thank you.

2016 Veteran Graduates

Mr. Allen L. Donahue attended Goshen High School until his sophomore year in 1963 when he decided to serve his country and join the United States Army. Mr. Donahue served in the Army for three years active duty where he served in both Korean and Vietnam Wars. He then went on to serve in the Army National Guard for 12 more years. When he returned home to Goshen, Mr. Donahue went on to work as a journeyman electrician and has had many of his family members follow in his footsteps and enlist in the military as well. 


Mr. Arthur Paul Hickey attended Goshen High School until his sophomore year  in 1961 when he left school early to join the Marine Corp. He served in the Marines for 4 years of active duty.  During his time in the Marines, he worked to repair generators in a communication outfit. He served during the Cuban Missile Crisis and was battle ready if called upon by his country. Upon the conclusion of his service, he returned home to Goshen.  


Mr. Thomas Holland enlisted in the United States Army in October of 1961 forgoing his junior and senior years of high school.  He served two tours of duty in Vietnam, August of 1968- February of 1969 and October 1970- October 1971.  He served in the infantry, artillery, tank mechanic, and motor sergeant.  He also spent a year deployed in Korea and served four tours of duty in Germany.  Throughout his distinguished military career he spent time in Fort Knox, Fort Sill, Fort Hood and Fort Carson.  He eventually retired from the military after a very distinguished career in February 1982.  Mr. Holland currently resides in Hillsboro, Ohio and retired from Airborne Express in October 2003.  Thank you for your service to our country and the Goshen community.  


Mr. Hershel Campbell enlisted in the United States Army through a voluntary draft in February 1965.  From 1966 through 1967 he spent his days on an US Army ship (the USS Y-100).  His ship patrolled up and down the “Mekong River Delta- his ship hauled 250,000 gallons of fuel that was used in helicopters.  His ship pumped fuel to trucks on the coastline which then was trucked to helicopters inland.  Mr. Campbell also spent time in Japan and the Philippines- where he survived an incredible monsoon.  He has been married to his wife for 47 years.  We appreciate your service and thank you for your commitment to our community and country.