Clermont County Chamber of Commerce Awards

Goshen Career Prep Educator of the Year- Andrea Conner
Goshen Business Partner of the Year- Lykins Energy Solutions


Goshen Career Prep Educator of the Year- Andrea Conner

We have many outstanding educators that are preparing students for college and career but none are more deserving of this award then Andrea Conner.  Andrea works as the Director of College and Career Readiness for the Goshen Local School District. In her capacity, she has worked with staff members, parents, the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce, the Goshen Chamber of Commerce, and members of the Business Advisory Committee to provide experiences to enrich our students’ educational experience, expose them to career choices, and prepare them for college.

In one year, Andrea has made a tremendous difference:

  • Securing internships for our high school students in fields of their interests to expose them to the world of work and hopefully light a passion.  She has lit the passions of students in fields from Weather to Physical Therapy.
  • creating a college and career night for high school and middle school parents.
  • Creating career days with staff at both the middle school and high school where our local business partners came in to talk about careers.
  • working closely with Junior Achievement to offer programs at our elementary schools to expose our students to career readiness activities taught by high school students.
  • Implementing a financial literacy day at our Middle School with the use of volunteers to teach the program.


Goshen Business Partner of the Year- Lykins Energy Solutions

Mary Eisnaugle Vice President of Marketing and Advertising and Lykins Energy Solutions is Goshen Local School District’s nomination for the Clermont Chamber of Commerce’s Business Partner of the Year.

Lykins has been very actively involved in local school districts in Clermont County for years in not only supporting Goshen athletics as well as various other academic programs, but also in supporting Goshen High School’s internship program as part of their College and Career Readiness Initiative.

 Lykins willingly jumped on board to help develop opportunities within their company. Not only have they been supportive within their own organization, Mary Eisnaugle has assisted the district in securing more business partners for their students. Her enthusiasm for the value of placing high school students in real-world experiences to explore their possible career interests before they enter college or post-secondary training has been apparent to the Goshen Schools community and more importantly, provides a lasting impact on Goshen’s young men and women.

As we look to the future successes of Goshen High School’s Internship Program we will attribute a large degree to the early support of Lykins and Mary Eisnaugle.