Goshen Local School District

School Safety the Warrior Way

Anytime students are put in harm's way, educators and parents become concerned with "what if this was my school?".  With school violence so frequently in the news, this hits close to home.
Goshen Local Schools will continue to be proactive when it comes to the safety of our staff and students. We work closely with Goshen Township Police and the Clermont County Sheriff to make sure we provide a safe and secure environment that allows our children to learn and grow .  Over the past several years, we have made many upgrades to our building security procedures to minimize the possibility of threats.
Every month, we conduct either a fire drill or a school safety drill. In accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3737.73, we conduct six fire drills and three school safety drills per year. School safety drills can and do include lockdowns, rapid evacuations and active shooter drills. Staff and students (as appropriate by grade) have been trained in how to deal with these situations. Also, as recently as March 3rd, district employees participated in a school safety training offered by Child Focus.
In any emergency, communication is critical. We want to encourage you to visit our district website Student Safety Concerns page and our Facebook page.   These are both ways that we communicate information that is vital to our school family.
We understand the need for two-way communication as a preventative measure. We have created a location on our website where parents and students can alert us to any concerns they think district officials and School Resource Officer Tim Budai should be aware of. If you ever have a safety concern, please contact your child's principal or email a concern to speakup@goshenlocalschools.org, or click here to access an online form.
As always, we appreciate the support of our parents and the entire community. Thank you for entrusting us with your most valued possessions--your children.