Goshen Local School District

Ohio Local Report Card shows Goshen passes every test, grows every student

While assessments and state ratings are just a few of the many ways to measure how successfully a school district is meeting the needs of its students, we are pleased to announce that our students did tremendously well in 2014-15. Goshen received an "A" on indicators for passing all state assessments and an "A" in value added, which measures growth from one year to the next for all students. Only 13% of Ohio school districts and their students accomplished this!

At Goshen Local Schools, our mission and vision are focused on developing well-rounded individuals with the skills required for college, the work place, and life beyond graduation. While we are concerned about the timing of the release and relevancy of this data, we will use the information from the Local Report Card to help all of our students be successful.

Our young Warriors are the sum of the many classes, activities, challenges and successes they experience during their time at Goshen Local Schools, and we are very proud of the teachers, families and community that works so hard on their behalf.

For more information on the Ohio LRC, visit the Ohio Department of Education's website.