Goshen Local School District

Goshen Chamber of Commerce "Excellence in Education Awards"

Mrs. Amy Fine- Goshen Middle School
In many ways Amy Fine embodies the spirit of educators in the Goshen School District. Fine has been a Making Middle Grades work leader in our school for the past several years. As a leader in this organization she has helped to organize many outstanding events that enrich the lives of our students. She has served as the student council advisor and organizes special opportunities for our students. Some of these special events include our yearly Month of Love activities that encourage our students to think of others in the school. Fine leads the school in events where they raise money for charities such as Pennies for Patients. She leads our students in Random Acts of Kindness experiences as well. Amy Fine also is a dynamic teacher. She works continuously to hone her craft in the classroom making history come alive for her students. She has created simulations and engaging lessons that pull the students into history and helps them interact with it.

Amy has also been the leader of creating the "Loft". The "Loft" is a free store that she and her Making Middle Grades Work team has created for our student allowing teachers to help provide needy students with items that they do not have like clothing and personal care items.

I am nominating Amy Fine because of her continued drive to impact the well being of our students at Goshen Middle School. Her heart has a passion for helping students who may lack the basic necessities in life and has worked tirelessly to help provide for the needs of these students. She has demonstrated that more is needed to educate our students then just great instruction. A colleague of Ms. Fine has stated that "she reminds us all to consider the whole child." As a result of her efforts many students have and will have better opportunities as they leave Goshen Middle School.

What makes Amy Fine unique is her combination of excellent teaching, service oriented mentality, and her excellent leadership at Goshen Middle School. Blending the rare attributes of an accomplished teacher with a passion for our student's well-being makes Amy fine an easy choice for my recommendation for educator of the year.

Mrs. Melissa Collins- Marr/Cook

Mrs. Collins has supported Goshen students over the past fourteen years in the general education classes as well as special education classes. She is currently the specialist with one on one tutoring with all grade levels. This tutoring includes working with students who are academically at risk of falling behind their peers. She is working to not only close academic gaps, but also Insures students have a strong since of self worth as an individual. Mrs. Collins is a tremendous resource for her co-workers when using the Barton's Reading Program. Being trained with the Barton's Reading Program allows Mrs. Collins to serve not only as a strong support for students, but as an extremely solid resource for teachers. Mrs. Collins plays a very critical role in promoting a positive outcome for students at Marr/Cook. She is a teacher through and through that students are so fortunate to have contact with daily.

Mrs. Collins loves her job. She is compassionate and caring for the students. As a support personnel, she always knows where to be and just what to do without any guidance. She foresees what the teachers and students need to be successful. At any given time, Mrs. Collins knows exactly how and where to be to best support our students. She models what an excellent teacher should be. Her demeanor, presence and reactions to all situations serves as a strong role model for students.

Mrs. Amy Smallwood- Marr/Cook

Mrs. Smallwood's accomplishments start with her exceptional parenting skills. Her love of children and family set the platform for such a caring and successful classroom. Her classroom is a place where expectations are taught, expected and shine by all students. Students who have had the honor of being in her classroom have been touched in multiple ways. They are immediately surrounded in a warm, caring safe and nurturing environment. This environment provides the groundwork and foundation for incredible teaching and learning to occur.

Mrs. Smallwood takes extreme pride and ownership of all her classes. She consistently ensures that all of her students' physical and educational needs are being met. It is not uncommon to find her donating or purchasing anything needed to help her kids succeed. Mrs. Smallwood works diligently daily and on weekends to make sure she is prepared for the educational day and for each student. Besides providing an incredible differentiated classroom for students, but serves as an incredible role model and resource for peers. As a grade level leader, Mrs. Smallwood strives to be an outstanding resource and mentor to her fellow staff members. All task are met with a smile and determined attitude to accomplish it successfully!

Mrs. Smallwood's communication skills with peers and students are outstanding. Behavior and academic expectations are always clearly conveyed to all students and the academic results prove just how clearly they are conveyed. As a senior staff member, Mrs. Smallwood will consistently support, coach, teach or just listen to a colleague. She establishes and sets yearly goals professionally and personally that become her driving force to success. Our district mission statement, "ensure that all students perform at continuously higher levels" , is truly taken to heart by Mrs. Smallwood. Some people are definitely put in places for a reason and this teacher exemplifies that statement!

Mrs. Amanda McClanahan- Spaulding

Amanda is a problem-solver, an innovator, and a dynamic member of our 31h grade team. Her enthusiasm, love, and passion for teaching (and her students) shines in all that she does and is a clear reflection of so many of Spaulding's faculty.

Amanda is an excellent educator not because of the wonderful lesson plans and curriculum she develops; rather it is because she strives to inspire and impact all those she comes in contact with each day. She has mastered the art of remembering that though she teaches numerous content/subject areas, she is really teaching "children". Those are the lessons our students carry with them well beyond their formal educational years.

She remains current in the latest instructional strategies and technologies, and shares her knowledge with her colleagues. Amanda accelerates and challenges her students because of professional development experiences and innovations she has pursued and mastered. On an average day, it is likely you will find her students working on tasks that support and challenge them at their level. Also, she is quick to support her colleagues as the need arises with similar professional needs and innovations.

Amanda has a calling in her life, and that calling is teaching, which she nicely balances. She teaches her students to strive for excellence, to love reading and all subjects, and to respect each other; and she teaches all of us to give our best for our students, to wear a smile, and look for ways to make a difference in a child's life.

Mr. Matt Smallwood- Goshen High School

Matt has been department chair for three years at Goshen High School. Each year his department has had the highest passage rate in the Clermont County on the Ohio Graduation Test. Matt's math department also scored 20% higher than the state of Ohio average on the EOL test this past school year.

Matt's dedication to his students and Goshen is evident by the numerous amount of students who come back to seek his advice or just to say "hello" to their former Math teacher. Matt has volunteered his weekends and evenings to tutor students who still need to earn a diploma.

In reference to the OGT tests; Matt takes it personally when a student does not pass a high stakes test and goes out of his way to comfort and motivate his students. He is a leader among the staff and is often seen helping other staff members with SLO's, classroom management or any other issue. He has served as high school bowling coach, HSTW Advisor as well as math department chair. He is a member of the DATA Team at the high school and volunteers his time after school to be on the Facilities Committee. He also coaches youth football in our community.