Project MORE a Community Approach

Reading is the basis for success in school and future careers.  Like many schools throughout Ohio, the staff at Marr/Cook Elementary in Goshen, is working diligently to develop proficient readers. Marr/Cook began Project MORE, a reading intervention program, five years ago as a pilot with just 8 students and a handful of volunteers.  Over the course of five years, the program has quickly grown to 46 students receiving one-on-one tutoring from over 60 volunteers.  Kindergarten through second grade students attend thirty-minute tutoring sessions three or four times a week.  Volunteers work on letter naming, sight words, fluency and comprehension skills with the students.  

Community members, college students, members of a local church, retired teachers, as well as, high school and middle school students spent over 2,000 hours working on early literacy skills with students last year.  Goshen High School students must have 12 hours of community service work in order to graduate.  Serving as a Project MORE tutor is an easy and fun way for them to accumulate hours.

In addition to the student tutors and community volunteers, Marr/Cook Elementary has formed a partnership with Live Oaks Vocational school’s early childhood program.  Live Oaks seniors have been working with Goshen students since the program’s inception five years ago. Project MORE gives them an opportunity to work with school age children, which is a curriculum requirement. The program is beneficial to the younger and older students, alike.

The success of this program is contributed to the hard work and dedication of teachers, as well as the volunteers who have given up countless hours of their time to help the children of Goshen become successful readers.  Marr/Cook Elementary is dedicated to ensuring that every student has a chance to succeed.