Goshen Local School District

Congratulations to the Class of 2015

On May 29th, we celebrated the Goshen High School Commencement Ceremony.  180 seniors graduated.  It was wonderful to see so many wonderful young adults cross the stage, ready to go out into the world and start an exciting new chapter in their lives  It was a blessing to see they joy on the faces of their friends and family, those that have supported them throughout the years and will continue to do so.

 Of the 180 graduating seniors:

·      112 plan to attend a two or four year college

·      2 plan to attend Great Oaks adult training

·      6 plan to enter the armed forces

·      53 plan to enter the workforce

·      39 are first generation college students

·      They have earned over $3,000,000 in scholarships. 

Congratulations the class of 2015.  We are proud of you!  To everyone else, enjoy the summer and we will see you next year.

Darrell Edwards, Superintendent