Goshen Local School District

Karen Garrett- 2015 OSBA Outstanding Classified Staff Member

Karen Garret, Goshen Local School District Nurse was presented the Outstanding Classified Staff Member Award. Here is the nomination that Middle School Principal Mrs. Andrea Conner sent is as Karen's nomination.

Some may note that when a person serves a school district for eighteen years, this alone constitutes recognition for “Outstanding Classified Staff Member”.  Even though this is the case for Goshen Local Schools’ nominee, Karen Garrett, the years of dedicated service do not truly capture the whole picture of Mrs. Garrett’s service to the children of our community.  Her compassion, tireless efforts, and focus on taking care of the physical needs of our children are just a few reasons why she exhibits all the qualities of a sound nominee for this honor.
            Karen Garrett serves four school buildings and can often be seen hurriedly driving from building-to-building to ensure that all students have their medical needs met.  Her quick entrances and exits in and out of buildings to attend to the numerous diabetics is enough to make most exhausted from just watching! Karen staggers her time among the four buildings and efficiently covers the needs of all the children.  It’s not uncommon for her to be in the middle of administering medication in one building while receiving an emergency summons from another!  She quickly wraps up her work and rushes to the next emergency with a pleasant smile on her face.
            Administrators and teachers throughout all four buildings can attest to her compassionate spirit towards our students.  She often is the first person to discover that a child needs clothes or is going hungry outside of the school day.  She quickly disseminates this information to all necessary parties within the school building and works to make certain all of these needs are met.  As an added bonus, her connections with the families within the community allows for her to extend the connection between school and home without making parents feel threatened or embarrassed.  They’ve built trust with Mrs. Garrett and welcome her support when it’s offered.
            Karen Garrett also uses her medical knowledge to help educate Goshen Local Schools’ Staff members in issues ranging from “lice infestation” all the way to “Ebola scares”!  Her very calm, matter-of-fact approach to explaining such issues to the employees helps educate everyone and encourages calm so that focus can be shifted back to what’s essential: educating our children.
            Educators know that students cannot learn if their basic, physical needs are not met.  This is why the support of Mrs. Karen Garrett, Goshen Local School Districts’ School Nurse, is imperative to not only the physical well-being of our children, but also to the academic success that our district has experienced.