Goshen Local School District

Blizzard Bags

The Ohio Department of Education has approved this measure to allow schools to make up three days (beyond the allotted five calamity days).   The “blizzard bag” approach allows us to avoid up to 3 additional days of school in June while continuing to provide your student with the best possible education. Our next three calamity days will follow the outlined blizzard bag plan below.

Goshen Local Schools Online Make-Up Plan for Calamity Days
  • Each classroom teacher (K-12) will develop a sufficient number of lessons requiring, in the judgment of the teacher, the amount of time equal to or greater than the amount of instructional time the student would receive for three school days in his or her class.  They will be assigned one day at a time.
  • Teachers will update or replace such lessons as necessary throughout the school year based on the instructional progress of students.
  • On the day of the school closing, a lesson will be posted in the morning for each class.  This procedure will begin with our next calamity day.  We will notify you by our Leader Alert message system that assignments are posted.
  • For all students, the lessons will be placed on the district website at www.goshenlocalschools.org  .  For Marr Cook and Spaulding students, the lessons will be placed in take home Calamity Day folders as well and posted to the district webpage.
  • Students are encouraged to complete these lessons as soon as possible because most lessons are timely for the current area of study and students do not want to fall behind in their classes.
  • Students must complete their assignments within a two-week period from the date of posting. If the student does not complete the lesson within this time period, the student will receive an incomplete or failing grade unless a reason sufficient to the teacher is provided.
  • Students without access to a computer will be able to complete the posted lessons at school after the reopening of school. Students using this option will be granted two weeks from the date of reopening to complete these lessons.
  • The district will provide access to district computers before, during, or after the school day or will provide a similar paper lesson in order for students to complete the assignments.
We believe that nothing can truly replace a day of instruction but these “blizzard bags” give us an alternative in this year of a severe winter that allow us to keep students safe while continuing learning. Should we surpass 3 additional snow days we would then be required to extend the school year into the designated days in June.  Thank you once again for your support in your child’s education.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s principal.