Goshen Local School District

Goshen Chamber of Commerce "Excellence in Education Awards"

Gina Taylor- Goshen Middle School

Ms. Gina Taylor  Ms. Gina Taylor is a teacher with 19 years of experience and currently a 66 grade Science and Social Studies Teacher. Gina received her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Cincinnati, she took graphic design at the College of Mt. St. Joseph and the Savannah College of Art and Design. Ms. Taylor is currently studying for her Masters of Education in Science from the Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst and has received a Graduate Certificate in religion from the Harvard Extension School, Harvard University. She also recently completed coursework in oceanography from the University of Queensland, Australia through a virtual classroom on Heron Island at the Great Barrier Reef. She also completed two social studies related classes in ethics and how to teach social studies through tangible items from Harvard University. Year after year, Ms. Taylor's education, experience, dedication, creativity and multiple uses of technology, make a welcoming feel in the classroom for nervous incoming 6th graders. Her creativity transfers into her lessons. She creates simulated lessons where students choose their various pathways of study that help them achieve a "degree". Ms. Taylor has a passion for learning, not only for her students, but also for herself. On her own, she continues to challenge herself with additional education that is transferred onto the students in which she teaches.

This past summer, The Goshen Middle School began working on an accelerated science course in order for students to enroll in high school science classes. To do her part, Gina taught students during the summer to prepare them for this program, including creating a periodic table on white ceramic tiles to engage hands-on learning. She was one of the masterminds behind the Warrior U Student Achievement Store. Warrior U students are given "money" in the form of swipe cards, as rewards for preparation for state assessment tests. Students are able to purchase items from the cafeteria or spirit wear. This program was recognized at the Student Achievement Fair at the Ohio School Board Associations Annual Conference. Ms. Taylor is also a fundraising champion, raising funds for the incentives and end of year celebrations. She also created a program at the Middle School called Creative Tech. This involves students in all facets of drama including performance, set building, lighting and directing. Ms. Taylor also is one of the founders of the Goshen Middle Schools most successful intramural program Quidditch!. This activity is based upon the popular Harry Potter series, which the students love and keeps them engaged in school.

Leta Whitley- Marr/Cook Elementary
Mrs. Whitley accomplishments start with her caring and loving mannerisms she possesses.  Each child that has had the privilege of walking through her classroom door has been touched in multiple ways.  They are immediately surrounded with a safe, caring and nurturing environment.  This environment lays the foundation for rock solid teaching and learning to occur.  Mrs. Whitley has complete ownership of all students in her classroom and ensures that their educational as well as physical needs are being met.  Mrs. Whitley’s works diligently in preparation for each educational day and for each student.  She not only provides an outstanding differentiated classroom for students, but serves as a terrific role model and resource for her colleges as well. 

Mrs. Whitley’s communication skills with peers and students is outstanding.  Behavior and academic expectations are clearly conveyed to all students and the academic results prove just how clearly they are conveyed.   As a senior member of our staff, Mrs. Whitley will go out of her way to support, coach, teach or just listen to a colleague.  Goals are set and accomplished within her classroom and grade level.

Ron Edwards- Goshen High School

Mr. Ron Edwards is a teacher with 15 years of experience and is currently part of the Social Studies Department at the Goshen High School. Mr. Edwards graduated in 1989 from Little Miami High School. From there he enlisted and spent the next four years in the US Navy. In 1994, he left the Navy as a Second Class Petty Officer. In 1996, Mr. Edwards became a full time student at LIC Blue Ash. He transferred to NKU in 1998 and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor's Degree in Education after doing his student teaching at Goshen High School. Mr. Edwards re-turned to NKU to achieve his Master's Degree in Education. Mr. Edwards started and has grown the AP Psychology Program into one of the most successful and popular class offerings in the high school. Student scores on this difficult college level examination have steadily increased under Mr. Edwards. In 2014, 21 of his 27 AP Psychology students received scores that resulted in college credit. Ron is also a valuable resource for other members of his department and along with other department members, is responsible for continued student success on state and national tests. Mr. Edwards can be seen dressed as a knight in armor, a Marine or other characters to stimulate interest of students.

Near AP test time, one can find him in the building with his "Mission Impossible" music, questioning students and handing out rewards for correct answers. He is also famous for activities like the "Field Trip to the Bathroom", sidewalk chalk activities and making model brains that the students wear around the high school. Mr. Edwards goes the extra mile for students, parents and colleagues. No matter what the request, Ron will reply "I'll take care of it". Ron has coached in Goshen Schools for the past 13 years, including coaching the wrestling and cross country teams. His coaching expertise has contributed to the success of a two-time state wrestling champion. Another way Mr. Edwards goes the extra mile is by giving up a week of his summer to help grade AP Exams. This requires Ron to travel to a distant city and spend 8 — 10 hours/day reading and grading AP Exams which brings insight back to the school and other instructors.

Jucque Strauss- Spaulding Elementary

Mrs. Jacque Strauss is a teacher with 9 years of experience and is the 5th grade Special Education Teacher and the Intervention Specialist at Spaulding Elementary all of those years. Preceding that, she was a long-term sub for Spaulding Elementary. Mrs. Strauss received her Bachelors in Education from Miami University in May of 1989.  Prior to her coming to Goshen, she was the director of Ladybug Co-op Preschool located in Milford for three years. Mrs. Strauss has also been coaching the Goshen High School cheerleaders for the past eight years. Through her hard work and others, Spaulding Elementary was recently recognized by the Ohio Department of Education for being a School of Promise. This achievement recognizes and highlights schools that are making substantial progress in ensuring high achievement for all students.
Mrs. Strauss works tirelessly to make sure her students are prepared for the next level of education. She exemplifies the work ethic and dedication it takes to make sure our neediest students become independent and engaged learners. Regarding teamwork, Mrs. Strauss leads by example. She knows teamwork is necessary not only with fellow teachers, but also with the students in order to become successful. Mrs. Strauss creates a positive and nurturing classroom. She is passionate about preparing the students of Goshen for the demands of tomorrow and to represent Goshen well in all aspects.

Dave Bogan- Goshen High School

Mr. Dave Bogan is a custodian at the Goshen High School with 20 years of service. Dave has maintained an outstanding building appearance for many years at the Goshen High School. He is thoughtful of others and is willing to help any staff member with their needs. Mr. Bogan has fixed cars, drama props, bookshelves and display cases. He does all this work with a warm smile and an infectious personality. He is one man who does the work of ten. The Goshen High School is the building that has the most activities within its walls and Dave maintains it with personal pride and care. He will often stay over or come in on the weekends to check the building or the grounds. Mr. Bogan has been described as being one of a kind.