Three Goshen School Buildings Awarded "Energy Star" Award

In recognition of "superior energy performance", Goshen Middle School, Spaulding Elementary School, and Marr/Cook Elementary School were recently awarded the "Energy Star" Award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Buildings that are awarded the "Energy Star" use 35% less energy and produce 35% less greenhouse gasses than similar buildings across the nation. The buildings were able to earn these awards due to the proactive budget plan that was established seven years ago in an effort to save money spent on energy costs in the district so that more money could be spent in the classrooms on our students and that cuts did not have to be made in programs for students or staffing. Goshen took the following steps to reduce expenditures on energy:
  • The installation of energy saving light bulbs and light fixtures.
  • A new Board Policy that reduced electricity being used.
  • The installation of a computerized heating and air conditioning system which can easily be monitored and adjusted to keep temperatures comfortable for learning while responsibly using electricity.
  • The installation of motion sensors in all rooms.
  • The installation of energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems.
  • And many more steps...

The District maintains a constant effort to responsibly spend taxpayer dollars on the children of our community.