Administrative Professionals Day

If it weren't for them, we know that our district would not run as smoothly as it does. Our administrative professionals are the glue that keeps the Goshen Local School District together.

As a school district, responsible for nearly 3000 students, 250+ employees and 4 schools, it is truly our administrative assistants that keep things moving in the district.  Students come to them when they need to know about upcoming events or are looking for a band-aid. They dry tears and when students are sick they give them care. Students, teachers, and administrators ask for their opinion on many school events.  Parents call them with questions.  They ask them to deliver messages to their children, sometimes at 3:25 right before the day ends.  We call on them when the copier doesn't do what is expected.  They collect money and count it, sometimes for several events at the same time. They do it all and with such poise!

What is truly special about all of our Goshen Administrative Assistant’s is each of them has an attitude of  “my best is not good enough!”  They all go to extremes to make sure our staff and students have what they need to do their best every day.  They are true definitions of or district motto “Warrior Up”  



Marr Cook-   

  • Mrs. Suzanne Snider           
  • Mrs. Angie Ashcraft

Board of Education

  • Mrs. Donna Tedrick
  • Mrs. Sandy Hudson
  • Mrs. Terri Banks
  • Mrs. Theresa Odell


  • Mrs. Danielle Dietrich
  • Mrs. LouAnne McKinney

Treasurer's Office

  • Mrs. Ann Smith
  • Mrs. Bonnie Marsh
  • Mrs. Lisa Myers

Goshen Middle School

  • Mrs. Candy Harris
  • Mrs. Tara Winder

Food Service 

  • Mrs. Pam Rose

Goshen High School

  • Mrs. Debbie Bailey
  • Mrs. Cindy Lutz
  • Mrs. Milly Howard
  • Mrs. Sherri Deatherage
  • Mrs. Margie Hadley


  • Mrs. Diane Emerson