Board of Education Retreat Recap


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The Board of Education, central office staff and building administration met in the annual Retreat and Planning Meeting on Saturday, April 6th.  Every school year is an opportunity to reflect on the wonderful work our staff and students do and to embrace newly identified challenges Many celebrations were discussed from this school year.  The Board is very proud of the work of our staff and students and the great things they are accomplishing!

The group finalized the vision for a Portrait of a Goshen Graduate, a collective vision that vocalizes our community’s aspirations for all students. The process has been ongoing for the last few months and has sought input from teachers, parents, community members and business partners.  The team discussed what the hopes, aspirations, and dreams our community has for our students. They reviewed a list of common skills and habits that our children need for success in this rapidly changing and complex world. They then discussed what the implications would be in relation to the design of learning experiences, spaces and how to provide equitable access to those experiences in our school system.

The Portrait of a Graduate is our next step in framing a forward thinking vision for our school system. Now the exciting work of implementing this new vision begins!


Fearless Learner





Socially Responsible

Academically Prepared



Communication Skills


Lifelong love of learning

Critical Thinkers




Rigorous curriculum


Growth Mindset



College and/or Career Pathways

Problem Solver


Active listener

Responsible Citizens

Diverse offerings


District Treasurer Mr. Todd Shinkle provided the Board of Education with an up to date Five Year Forecast and reviewed simulations of the new state biennial budget proposal and the impact they would have on our operating funds.

Mr. Shinkle also provided the Board of Education an update on our debt as it relates to our facility improvements and voted millage from the 2002 High School project and other district- wide improvements.  First and foremost, the COPS facilities projects we have invested in continue to pay for themselves and are on track to save the district thousands in the future through energy savings while providing high quality infrastructure currently.  Mr. Shinkle explained that as our community grows our township valuations have gone up which has rapidly decreased our debt. Combine that with sound financial decisions over the years and our current voted debt issue will be paid off three years early in December of 2019.

Mr. Shinkle also discussed with the Board of Education our changing enrollment which is impacted by the growth in the township. He explained that we have been studying enrollment growth for going on five years now. In the 2006-2007 school year our enrollment was 2,493 students.  Since that time we have added almost 400 students reaching 2,875 students at this time. Enrollment growth brings about several considerations. Do our current facilities have room to handle the expected growth or will the growth require a facilities project to add space and other resources?  

Mr. Shinkle reminded the Board that teachers, staff, administrators, parents, boosters clubs, the Facility Committee, and Elevar Design have taken a deep look at our educational spaces to provide the community some options that will meet the demands of our growing township, while staying current with our educational practices.

The purpose of those discussions is to utilize community, staff, parent and administrative input to create a Master Facilities Plan that meets the following goals:
  • Manage Student Enrollment Growth
  • Take a Comprehensive View of All Buildings & Campus
  • Create a Safe, Family-Friendly Community Asset
  • Ensure Buildings are Flexible, Expandable and Equitable
  • Create a Seamless Continuum of Quality Education PK – 12
  • Improve Campus Safety and Operational Effectiveness
  • Maximize the Potential of Every Dollar Spent
The Board of Education viewed a presentation by the Elevar Design group that offered up some recommendations and has plans to hold future community input sessions to discuss the development of the Master Facilities Plan.